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Broncho – Just Enough Hip To Be Woman – album preview

Broncho’s latest releases today and here is a preview of it for your listening pleasure.  Album content is mostly clear, there are a few not work safe words on it though.

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Butch Walker – Coming Home – Video

This is just a fun video and a fun song.  “Coming Home” by Butch Walker from  Peachtree Battle EP which is available now.

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Alice Boman – Be Mine – Video

Alice Boman with the video “Be Mine” from the album EPII.

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Welcome new listeners

Yesterday Idiosyncratic Transmissions was fortunate to be named Radio and Internet News'(RAIN) Pureplay of the Day.

Welcome to everyone who came to this site from that article and a heartfelt “Thank you” to the folks at RAIN for the pick.

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Wrongchilde – Slow – Video

Wrongchilde with “Slow” from the album Gold Blooded which is due out tomorrow.  Warning: Video contains artful clown dancing, do not watch if suffering from coulrophobia.

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