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Flashback Friday – Chop it down with the edge of my hand edition

On this day in 1970, two months after Jimi Hendrix died, this song was number 1 on the UK charts.

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Music Miscellany for 11/19/2014 – Part II

Kicking off this round is Arum Rae with “Waving Wild” from her Waving Wild EP which released earlier this month.

Up next is Butch Walker with his ode to the Pretender’s front woman in the form of “Chrissie Hynde” which is off of the album Afraid of Ghosts due out in February. 

Finishing out the week is Boehm, an electronic artist out of Romania, with his song “Surviving the Times” a remix of Nas and the Fugees.

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Music Miscellany for 11/19/2014 – Part I

First up today is The Floodgates with “God Knows” the title track from their new God Knows EP.

Up next is a new single from the Bulls titled “Come Unwound” which is available for purchase now.

Rounding out part I is the avant-folk artist Skye Steele with “Hiromitsu & Yuko” from the forthcoming Up From the Bitterroot which is due out in January.

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Music Miscellany for 11/18/2014

I feel like I’ve got enough music in the back log to do this feature daily, but I haven’t had the time to sort through all of it.

First up is Mirah with “Turned the Heat Off” remixed by the Blow.  The original is on her album Changing Light.

Up next is Handsome Jack with “Between The Lines” from the new album Do What Comes Naturally.

Wrapping up this edition is Lucius with their cover of My Morning Jacket’s “Wonderful” which is available on Wildewoman the Deluxe Edition.

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Hustle and Drone – Again and Again – Video

A mash-up video featuring NBA star Damian Lillard, here is Hustle and Drone with “Again and Again.”  Hustle and Drone have a new full length out titled Holyland.

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