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Music Miscellany for 07/30/2014

The last week and a half have been extremely busy so I’ve gotten a bit behind in planning ahead.  As such it looks like I’ll only get one ‘Music Miscellany’ post up today.  First up is The Delta Routine with a new single “Home With You.”  They are releasing a new album titled You and Your Lion in October.

Up next is The Rosebuds with “Blue Eyes” from the album Sand+Silence due out next week.  The album was recorded at Justin Vernon’s studio and features Justin playing guitar and synths on some songs.

Wrapping up this week is the hip hop sounds of Ant Coughlin with “Thru the Floor(feat. Tragic Hero)” from the album Light Rooms, Dark Halls available now.

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Imaginary People – Miles – Video

Imaginary People are back with their second video for the song “Miles” from Fever Nation.

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Zoo – Abusable Reusable – Video

From Kolkota, India is a band that’s hard to pigeon hole bringing everything from prog rock to electronic to a bit of a reggae sound.  Here is Zoo with ‘”Abusable Reusable” from their Attic Sessions EP.  They have a new full length out on Metal Postcard Atoms & Combinations.

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Idiosyncratic Transmissions Podcast – Episode 142

All music has been provided by the artists.  Theme song provided by Dan at

Idiosyncratic Transmissions is a proud member of the Association of Music Podcasting.  For more independent music podcasts check out

The Royal Blasphemy – No Future
Bhakti Masala – Liberation
Afterthem – Hesitate
Seven Story Fall – Sing To Me
Shmohawk – A Finer Line
Tyrone Schulace & His Pals – Shoe Shop

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Saturday ‘mandatory’ fun time – “Weird” edition

This week my threefavorite videos from the 8 that “Weird” Al released with his new album Mandatory Fun.

My 3rd favorite video…”Handy”

My 2nd favorite video…”Word Crimes”

My favorite video<drum roll> “Mission Statement”


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