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Idiosyncratic Transmissions Podcast – Episode 199

Music provided by Jamendo. Theme song provided by Dan at

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The.madpix.project – Liquid Blue
Kognitif – In Da Mood
Mountain Lakes – Eyesore
Roger Subirana Mata – Point of No Return
Zero-project – The Crossroads of Change
Simon van Gend – Am I the Worm

Music Miscellany for 8/26/2015

I told you to get used to this feature, but you wouldn’t listen would you. Why wouldn’t you listen!?!

Uhm. . .I mean here’s new music to listen to with the electo-pop of Sharer, the 80’s influenced pop of Story of the Running Wolf, and the experimental pop of Hot Natured.

Nick Flora – Take It From the Top – Video

The first single from Nick Flora’s new EP Futureboy which is due out in September. This video features friends, fellow musicians, and fans from around the world lip syncing to the song in a variety of creative ways. It’s a fun, upbeat song and I can’t wait to hear the rest.

Music Miscellany for 8/25/2015

Today’s edition includes the alternative rock of YAWN, the indie rock with tribal overtones of Idgy Dean, and more alternative rock from Kagoule.

Music Miscellany for 08/24/2015

Get ready for an onslaught of Music Miscellany. This edition has the electronic dance music of Hollywood Principle, the hip hop of Joey the Jerk, and the indie rock of Silverbird.