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Idiosyncratic Transmissions Podcast – Episode 255

Music provided by the artists. Theme song provided by Dan at

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Valentina Moza – Light of the World
Elliot Robinson – Loving You
Telempathy – Carry Me Away
Counting Skeletons – The Satellites
Jay Darko – Nobody
Reagan Quinn – Someone

Music Miscellany for 9/21/2016

Today we start with the folk, singer-songwriter David Philips and his new single “Washes Over Me.” Following that is the 80’s inspired dance pop of LYON with “Gold Dust.” Wrapping up this edition is the indie rock of Bridges and Powerlines with “National Fantasy.”

Dave Moisan – Voice Audition

Louisville always seems right on the verge of breaking big across the larger music scene. There is a ton of good music produced locally, but we haven’t quite reached Nashville levels of national recognition though we are making great inroads. First it was Linkin’ Bridge on America’s Got Talent. Now it is Dave Moisan on The Voice.

Then check out some of his other music.

Music Miscellany for 9/20/2016

Today we have SHAED with “Thunder” a pop dance number. Following that is the indie rock of Son & Thief with “All I Care About.” Wrapping up this edition is hip hop from Othello & DJ Vajra with “It’s (feat. D Minor).”

Weird Together – Ready For This – Video

EDM? Check. Inspirational and upbeat? Another day in the life of a zombie dystopia. . .Weird Together with “Ready For This” from the Ready For This Remixes EP due out this Friday.