Convention Watch 2012

While the current podcast is exclusively dedicated to music, this site was meant to cover more areas.  This is something I’ve let slip in recent weeks, but I do have plans to incorporate more diverse articles starting with this one.  If you are in the Louisville area here are a few upcoming conventions that may be of interest to you.

Louisville Arcade ExpoMarch 2 -4, 2012Louisville Arcade Expo 2012!

From the website:

What is the expo about?Louisville Arcade Expo

Do you remember playing the classics? Pac Man? Galaga? Missle Command? Yeah you can play these online, at home on your xbox…but that takes away most of the fun! The Louisville Arcade Expo wants to bring back the golden days of arcades by providing a place where people can bring their arcade video games and pinball machines to play, trade or sell, and play classic consoles, to have a special weekend in the ‘Ville.  All games at the expo will be on free play for all to enjoy!

Check the site out for more information and registration information. Looks to be a great time.


Conglomeration 2012April 13-15, 2012 ConGlomeration

Louisville’s very own science fiction and fantasy convention.  This year’s featured guest is Michael Z. Williamson.

From the website:

We who are ConGlomeration pride ourselves on being a product of the local fan community, and for our convention’s family-friendly atmosphere. We took up the Louisville convention mantle after Steve and Sue Francis (our Fan Guests Emeritus…or is it Emeritii?) retired RiverCon in 2000. ConGlomeration was a fixture in the local science fiction calendar from 2001 to 2008 before going on a forced hiatus in 2009 (our host hotel went bankrupt and shut its doors at the last minute). On April 9, 2010, ConGlomeration returned, and our next convention will throw down April 13-15, 2012.

Con registration, hotel information, and other fun bits on their website.

Derby City Comic ConJune 30th, 2012 Derby City Comic Con

A one day convention with a lot of creators, artists, writers and, of course, comic books.

Registration, attendees list, and more information on their website.

Check all of them out and support the ones you like if you can.  Looks to be a lot of fun times going on this year.



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