Album review – Eric Coomer – “The Vast Configuration of Things”

BackgroundEric Coomer - The Vast Configuration of Things

This is Eric Coomer’s first solo endeavor.  He is the lead singer for KNAPSACKHEROES!, a worship leader at his church, a husband, and a father.  In listening to this EP I would most certainly add the title of talented musician to the mix as well.  The music on the EP defies one set genre alternating between singer-songwriter, rock, pop, and even a little Americana as well.  A good amount of the funding for the EP was through Kickstarter.  The EP was produced by Andrew Osenga and was made available to the public in November of 2012 on Eric’s website and Facebook page, with a wider release to come.

The Good

In looking over his website Eric mentions the songs on this EP are auto-biographical in nature.  I had already come to this conclusion before looking at his website because it is the only way to explain how much heart is thrown into these songs.  This is genuine.  This is sincere.  The majority of the songs lean towards a slower pop or singer-songwriter groove.  The pictures that he paints with words are vivid.

You hear it in the first song.  You can feel the loneliness and heart breaking pain that comes in the aftermath of a relationship.  That detail, that longing carries on through other songs on the album.  Each song paints a picture of life in the midst of struggle and pain, but not without hope.

Plus when he rocks out, he really rocks out.  The song ‘Let’s Drive’ is one that begs to be thrown on repeat, with the top down, and the accelerator pushed to the floor.

The Bad?

There isn’t anything legitimately bad here.  The album is well produced.  The musicianship is top notch.  The lyrics are heartfelt, without being trite or cliche.  The only two minor complaints I have:  1. It’s an EP so it’s too short and 2. Only one real upbeat, rocking song.  That’s not to say it’s a downbeat or depressing album, it isn’t.  It’s just the one rocker has whet my appetite for more.

But don’t just take my word for it, take a listen here and then go buy it:

Let’s keep good artists, like Eric, making music.

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