Idiosyncratic Thoughts – 1/26/2013

Its looking like I won’t get a new episode of the podcast out this weekend.  Between work and home obligations this week I have been pretty slammed.   Let me apologize now for the lack of show.

Red Dragon Records has released their first compilation in celebration of just over one year of great music releases.  The album is an eclectic mix of rock, indie, folk, jazz, and R&B a la this track(while safe for work, not safe for children):

The album is called ‘1st Rennaissance’ and can be found on iTunes here:

Definitely a great roster of independent music there.

Also releasing this week is Yellow Red Sparks with ‘Yellow Red Sparks’

Here they are with an impromptu live performance of ‘I’m Fine and That’s Fine’ which has an Avett Brothers quality to it if you ask me.

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