All good things…

As of the end of 2015/beginning of 2016 ASCAP and Sound Exchange are increasing rates for web based broadcasters. While the increases are not unreasonable, they do push the cost to run a webcast, even a small one such as mine, past the point of affordability for this webcaster.

I love music and I love radio. I haven’t so much as done a radio show beyond the podcast since I started the webcast back in 2012. I’ve always been meaning to record, I just never had the time. The rates will insure that all artists, well known and independent, will be better compensated for the use of their music. I have no qualms with that. If this venture was bringing in any kind of revenue I would most likely keep the webcast going.

It isn’t.

I’ve enjoyed running what is essentially a giant playlist of random music. I’ve enjoyed making additions and subtractions when I can. Someday I may even come back and do it again.

So what does that mean for you the listener or you the artist?

Well the blog isn’t going anywhere and neither is the podcast. I’ve known this was a possibility for a bit now so I’ve kicked around a few other ideas to keep the fire burning so to speak. Having said that in the next 24 hours, barring a miracle, the webcast portion of this website will go offline. There won’t be much in the way of fanfare, just music then silence.

I look forward to doing radio again in the future and I hope you’ll stick around for the podcast and blog.

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