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Nova Flares – Gut Splinter

Combining elements of Shoegaze, Surf Rock, and Neo-psychedelic Nova Flares is set to release his first single “Gut Splinter” on March 9th with a full length debut coming in mid-2018. It only helps matters that the project is locally based here in Kentucky. Here is the video for that single.

RIP Delores O’Riordan

This video takes me straight back to the Christmas of 1993. It’s a beautiful song. The video captivates me. The female vocalist’s sound captivates me even more. It doesn’t help that I’m deep into my first real romantic relationship, but even if I were this song would have pulled me in and captivated me. It still does. Today we’ve lost one of the great singers of our generation.

Galkin – In October

A laid back, home movie feel dominates this video for “In October” from Galkin. The footage is of him and his wife on their visit to see her family in Egypt. The song is from the album Clear Customs.

Kelley McRae – A Little Time

Written in the wake of her mother’s passing from an extremely aggressive form of cancer, here is Kelley McRae with “A Little Time.”


Sinai and Legin – Better Days

From the album Safe House to benefit The Safe House Project, an organization dedicated to building a home for orphaned children in Soshanguve, South Africa to help protect them from trafficking.