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Idiosyncratic Transmissions Podcast – Episode 54

Music from Mevio, Matthew Ebel, and The Funny Music Project.  Theme song from

Idiosyncratic Transmissions is a proud member of the Association of Music Podcasting.

The Millipede – Captain Kirk Karate
Maria Danes – Are You Still There
Matthew Ebel – Carnival of Kings
Lit On the Flash – Mystery Love
Derek Webb – Can’t Sleep
Philip Peters – Doesn’t That Mean Love
The Doubleclicks – Don’t You Love Me

Diana Krall on Later with Jools Holland

Diana Krall performing ‘There Ain’t No Sweet Man That’s Worth the Salt of My Tears’ live on Jools Holland.  From her new album ‘Glad Rag Doll.’

Humble eBook Bundle

First it was independent games for charity.

Then independent music.

They’re back and this time its literary. . .(4 days left to pay what you want)

Molly Parden – “A Song For My Mother” – video

Molly’s first video.  From her album “Time Is Medicine.”

Idiosyncratic Transmissions Podcast – Episode 53

Music from Mevio and Opsound.  Theme song from

Proud member of the Association of Music Podcasting.

Fast moving show this week, have to get ready for my 20th High school reunion.  I’m wondering if half the people in these bands were even born yet in 1992.

Sam Page – Tumbleweed in the Grand Scheme
Amy Lynn Frishkey – Round
Apocalypse Five and Dime – Lonely
Marcus Wilbur – The Hardest of Hearts
The Hillary Reynolds Band – Good As New
Margo Rey – Get Back