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Idiosyncratic Transmissons Podcast – Episode 2

The long awaited, possibly imitated episode 2 wherein there is an album review, new music, pop culture news from the net, and a few other things I’ve found myself dabbling in.

Music from:

Arthur Alligood
Sheri Miller

Other links from show:

Doc Martin on Hulu

Big Finish Audio

Anton Strout

Opening theme music from:

Derek K. Miller

who sadly passed away from cancer at the beginning of this month.

Chris Thile and Michael Daves – 20/20 Vision video

20/20 Vision from Chris Thile & Michael Daves on Vimeo.

From their new album ‘Sleep With One Eye Open’ that came out this month. More information on the album and the collaboration at

Fuzzy Man(Fuzzy Nation) – Power Ballad by Paul & Storm

The power ballad for John Scalzi’s new book oddly enough entitled ‘Fuzzy Nation’ which is and update or re-imagining of ‘Little Fuzzy’ by Piper H. Beam. Enjoy.

Test for Facebook

Testing out link to facebook

New Bon Iver Song