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Sylvester McCoy reading from ‘The Pandorica Opens’ Dragon*Con 2011

Not sure what the original attribution on this should be as it has been linked from several places. I believe, in reading the YouTube description, this was shot by the group over at Geeks Of Doom. Nevertheless a fairly interesting piece that goes a long way in proving that it was the writing, not the actor, that makes the 7th Doctor’s era wince worthy among many fans.(I personally have no opinion one way or the other)

Marian Call – Something Fierce – Available for pre-order

Independent folk/geek/all-around-talented artist Marian Call has come to the end of a two year journey and we get the prize. Her two disc album ‘Something Fierce’ will be released on October 1st, 2011, but it is available for pre-order now. Below are two of the tracks off of the album. Go to to pre-order either the digital or physical CD release. You can get the rest of her albums there as well(highly recommended). For more information on what went into this album go here.

Billy – Snapshot(video)

First video from Louisville band Billy. Keep your eyes on this band

Check them out on Facebook

Mink Car Cover – They Might Be Giants Cover Album

“At midnight on September 11, 2001, They Might Be Giants officially released their album Mink Car and launched the celebration with a party at a Manhattan Tower Records.

We all know what happened the next morning. “

More information on the album can be found here. All proceeds from the album go to the FDNY Foundation. Many favorite indie artists are on the album including Marian Call, MC Frontalot, Molly Lewis, and Nuclear Bubble Wrap.

Brothers Barbarian – New Web Series

What happens when two teenaged, barbarian brothers are cursed with that foulest of all curses: MIDDLE AGE? Hijinx ensue of course.

A new, locally produced(as in Kentucky where Idiosyncratic Transmissions is also produced) web series. The first full episode released yesterday at