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Shaun Groves – Third World Symphony album preview

Continuing in the tradition of highlighting quality, independent projects here is a preview of the upcoming Shaun Groves album. Check it out and then go pre-order it on iTunes or

Third World Symphony by shaungroves

Rave On Buddy Holly – Tribute Album

Concord/Fantasy is releasing this tribute album to Buddy Holly on June 28th. Right now the whole album is up for preview on Soundcloud

Rave On Buddy Holly by concordmusicgroup

“Weird Al” – Perform This Way(new video)

“Weird Al” Tribute Album – Twenty-Six and a Half

Somehow I totally missed this whole project, well, I missed the pre-ordering thus missing the digital extras. Check this tribute to “Weird Al” from some of the next generation of humorous/demented music and then go buy the album

Batman Year One Official Trailer

New trailer and some behind-the-scenes for the animated adaption of “Batman: Year One.” This looks to be good.