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Idiosyncratic Transmissions Podcast – Episode 342

Music from Jamendo and the FuMP. Theme song from Dan at

Amin Yousefinejad – Mystery of the Planet Earth
Carter Veil – Melatonin
Bone Cage – Fish Man(Man Fish)
Ping Pong Club – Venetian Blinds
The Ambient Light – Memory Drip
Dino-Mike – Channel Surfing

Idiosyncratic Transmissions Podcast – Episode 94

Music this week from Mevio, the FuMP, and Jamendo.  Theme songs from Dan at

Idiosyncratic Transmissions is a proud member of the Association of Music Podcasting.

ShatterVox – Coconut Days
A Beautiful Curse – Startin Over
Karl Stephen Brunig – Palacios Bay Boogie
Charlie Katt – When You Grow
Jill Zimmerman – Yosemite
Dino Mike – My Favorite Part

Idiosyncratic Transmissions Podcast – Episode 37

Music from Mevio, The Fump, and Crash Avenue.  Theme song from

Better late than never.

A proud member of the Association of Music Podcasters

The Illegitimate Sons – Gillian
Dino-Mike – Speed Racer Wannabe
Soapbox Army – Cycle
Shannon Haley – I Will Not Fall in Love
Eric Erdman – Bird on a Powerline
The British IBM – Animal
Insane Ian – Some Zombie by George Romero