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Gerry Skrillz – My Story – Video

From Die Daily artist Gerry Skrillz comes a story of a life going in the wrong direction and redemption through Christ. Here is the video for “My Story” from the In Good Time EP.

Music Miscellany for 11/16/16

Kicking off this round of music is an electronic-R&B-jazz inspired song in “Sour Mango” from Gabriel Garzon-Montano. Next up is “Lights in the Sky” an Americana tinged rock single from A Valley Son. After that some R&B inspired pop from Dark Dark with “Moments.” Wrapping up this edition is the hip hop of Gerry Skrillz with “Use Me.”

Check back in this afternoon for more new music.

Music Miscellany for 9/6/2016

In today’s edition we have Gerry Skrillz with “Godspeed” kicking it all off. Following that is Luxley with “Spirit.” Wrapping things up is Oscar & the Wolf with “The Game.”