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Kevi Morse – Barnabas short film

Indie rapper Kevi Morse has combined two of his songs, “Black Wall Street” and ” What Chu Need,” into one short film from his upcoming album Barnabas. He describes the music this way:

The idea for the Barnabas (Short Film) came to mind when I thought about how much we battle with life and its trials, but don’t understand that we’re stronger than them.  In the opening scene you see a figure who happens to be stronger than me burst in and try to captivate my mind. I waited and overcame this challenge once I realized I was more powerful. That thing could be stress, maybe depression, or something else holding you back from from realizing your purpose and destiny. “Black Wall Street” was inspired by a street in Tulsa, Oklahoma. “What Chu Need” is about acknowledging that I have what people need and that’s the creator – God.”


Derek Minor – This Morning

Derek Minor with the first video from High Above for the single “This Morning.”

Brinson – Still Alive – Video

The opening statistic says it all: “Each year 42,773 Americans die from suicide.” It doesn’t have to end that way. We don’t have to become a statistic. Healing comes through a relationship with the Great Healer Himself. I know that isn’t a popular message. I know it is not a message that many want to hear and acknowledging that let me just say this if you are facing thoughts of suicide: get help. Cry out to God. Cry out to a friend. Pick up the phone and dial a prevention hotline. Whatever it takes.

SamVill – Every Step(feat. Prodical) – Video

From SamVill’s upcoming release Communion here is Sam’s testament to all God has done for him from the cradle until now.

Legin – There He Go/All It Is(feat. Erica Cumbo) – Video

Legin with “There He Go” and “All It Is” featuring Erica Cumbo. Both are from Lions In Suits