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Music Miscellany for 4/20/2017 Part I

Little Person brings the laid back indie pop on their single “Solemn Is the Only Word” from their I Feel Fine EP. Monograms pumps things up with the psychedelic fueled rock on “OK Promises.” Wooing’s “In Colour” meets at the intersection of dream pop and grungy, garage rock. Wrapping up this edition is the rock sound of Blonder with “In and Out.”

Communist Daughter – Keep Moving – Video

Lo-fi and grungy here is Communist Daughter with their new video for the single “Keep Moving.” Check out their full length album The Cracks That Built the Wall.

Music Miscellany for 1/11/2017 Part II

Now that we’ve caught up, time for new stuff. First up is the hip hop sounds of AMP with “Hail The King.” Then we have the grunge sound of The Black Clouds with “Self Control.” Local, or Louisville for the rest of the world, indie band Frederick the Younger are up next with “Tell Me.” Wrapping up this edition is Electric Floor with “Bluedive.”

Music Miscellany for 7/20/16

In today’s edition we kick off with hip hop from Dusty Marshall with “Remember When” featuring Brendan Hollis. That’s followed by some rock’n’roll courtesy of Elijah Ford with “Try As You Might.” We wrap today’s edition with more rock from Crobot and “Welcome To Fat City.”

Music Miscellany for 1/26/2016

In today’s edition we have the grungy rock of Wussy, the pop alternative of Kids On Bridges, and the alt-country/indie folk of The Minerals. Check them out, allow yourself to try something new, and support the artists you like.