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Music Miscellany for 01/20/2017 Part I

New year. New music. Good times are the order of the day. Kicking off this round is the hip hop of J. Rhodan with “Honey.” Following that are the Americana sounds of Almond & Olive with “Standing at the Precipice.” The indie pop of WHY? is up next with “Proactive Evolutions.” Wrapping up this edition is a new single from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah with “Down(Is Where I Want to Be).”

Music Miscellany for 1/11/2017 Part II

Now that we’ve caught up, time for new stuff. First up is the hip hop sounds of AMP with “Hail The King.” Then we have the grunge sound of The Black Clouds with “Self Control.” Local, or Louisville for the rest of the world, indie band Frederick the Younger are up next with “Tell Me.” Wrapping up this edition is Electric Floor with “Bluedive.”

Beacon Light – Lit – Video

Follow-up to the video for “Haters” Beacon Light is back with “Lit” the title track from his album.

S.O. – Fall – Video

S.O. is back with the third video from his EP These Things Take Time. “Fall” is one of the more introspective tracks from the EP and this single shot video emphasizes the importance of the lyrics with its simple intensity.

Music Miscellany for 11/16/16

Kicking off this round of music is an electronic-R&B-jazz inspired song in “Sour Mango” from Gabriel Garzon-Montano. Next up is “Lights in the Sky” an Americana tinged rock single from A Valley Son. After that some R&B inspired pop from Dark Dark with “Moments.” Wrapping up this edition is the hip hop of Gerry Skrillz with “Use Me.”

Check back in this afternoon for more new music.