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Music Miscellany for 10/11/2016

Kicking off the miscellany today is Catch Prichard with “Eskoata” a country/Americana tinged number. Up next is the indie rock of Dinowalrus with “Light Rain.” Then it’s a little hip-hop with Canon and “The Family.” Rounding out this edition is the indie sound of Francie Moon with “Red Cloud Road.” Enjoy some new music for your afternoon.

Music Miscellany for 10/4/2016 Part 2

More great music for your listening pleasure. First up is DJ Real with “Pushups” which a quirky, humorous bit. Next is some indie/alternative/world with hip hop overtones from Brookzili! with “Mad Dong in Yoruba.” Then we have the indie blues tinged rock of DYR FASER with “Den of Sables.” Wrapping up this edition is Hoots and Hellmouth with “Diction.”

Brinson – Still Alive – Video

The opening statistic says it all: “Each year 42,773 Americans die from suicide.” It doesn’t have to end that way. We don’t have to become a statistic. Healing comes through a relationship with the Great Healer Himself. I know that isn’t a popular message. I know it is not a message that many want to hear and acknowledging that let me just say this if you are facing thoughts of suicide: get help. Cry out to God. Cry out to a friend. Pick up the phone and dial a prevention hotline. Whatever it takes.

Music Miscellany for 9/20/2016

Today we have SHAED with “Thunder” a pop dance number. Following that is the indie rock of Son & Thief with “All I Care About.” Wrapping up this edition is hip hop from Othello & DJ Vajra with “It’s (feat. D Minor).”

Beacon Light – Haters – Video

Beacon Light’s new album Lit releases today and here is the first video from the album for “Haters.”