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Music Miscellany for 11/11/15

Today’s mix includes hip hop from GA3, shoegaze from Bloodhounds On My Trail, and a remix of Strange Talk by Robotaki.

Music Miscellany for 11/10/2015

Today we have the alternative, bluesy rock of Dirty Streets, the hip hop sounds of Rawsrvnt, and the indie americana of Butchers Blind.

Music Miscellany for 11/9/2015

Apologies for the lack of updates lately. Life happens and then I decided to do NaNoWriMo this year which has been tying up a good amount of my free time.

On with the show. Today we’ve got hip hop courtesy of Alert312, alternative rock from Coast Modern, and the indie sounds of Berne.

Music Miscellany for 10/21/2015 – Part I

I compiled this list a bit ago, so they may not be as fresh as they once were. It is, however, still great music. In this edition we have the rock of Surf Rock Is Dead, the pop of I Am Dynamite, and the hip hop of Drew Smith.

Sivion – Telecom remixes – Tarik Sabar

Sivion is back with three remixes of the song “Telecom(feat. Ozay Moore and DJ Idull)” from his album Group Therapy. Check it out.