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Devin Turner – Butterfly – Video

From the album Now or Never Devin Turner confronts abusive relationships and the true meaning of worth in “Butterfly.”

J. Kwest – Don’t Push Me – Video

J. Kwest tackling bullying through music and video. It is, unfortunately, an all too familiar story that is too often written off as “kids being kids” or outright ignored. “Don’t Push Me” is from J. Kwest’s album Lemonade.

Music Miscellany for 1/19/2016

In this edition of Music Miscellany we have the hip hop of Mike Bell, the electronic pop of Them Swoops, and the ethereal pop of Guns.

Rp Tha Chozen 1 – The Gump – Video

Rp Tha Chozen 1 was born and raised in San Diego CA, an NFL hopeful whose dreams were cut down by a freak injury. With a need to communicate his frustration, RP took to writing. “The Gump” is from his current album The Harvest.

Brinson – RIGHT DERR – Video

Brinson is back with the animated video for “RIGHT DERR” from the album Until We Meet Again.