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Avengers Infinity War Trailer

Can. Not. Wait.

Saturday fun time for 4/1/2017

No foolin’ here, just a little fun. First up, the must talked about Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer with more Tony Stark, more Vulture, and more high school Peter Parker.

Up next, the Doctor Who/Hamilton match-up you didn’t know you need until now.

Saturday fun time for 7/11/2015

San Diego Comic Con is on in full swing and all kinds of news and videos are showing up on the web. Here is one of my favorites, a behind the scenes clip from Star Wars Episode VII.

Honest Trailers has finally covered Iron Man and it’s “importance” in the Marvel pantheon of movies.

Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer 2

For a Marvel movie this one is really taking on a dark tone.