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Gerry Skrillz – My Story – Video

From Die Daily artist Gerry Skrillz comes a story of a life going in the wrong direction and redemption through Christ. Here is the video for “My Story” from the In Good Time EP.

The Avett Brothers – No Hard Feelings – Video

It’s a holiday weekend here in the US and quite the appropriate time for a video that will hit you squarely in the feels. The Avett Brothers with “No Hard Feelings” from True Sadness.

Jane Lui – Southern Winds – Video

This is one of those projects that not everyone is going to get, which is unfortunate. “Southern Winds” is from Jane Lui’s album Goodnight Company. Inspired by the Cirque du Soleil show Curios and the art of Kiel Johnson, Jane Lui brings together a fun video that is infused with her passion for these art forms. Here it is:

Holly Williams – Waiting on June – Video

Not a new video, but new to me and a beautiful song.  Holly Williams with “Waiting on June” from The Highway.