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Friday Flashback — Bad boys whatcha gonna do in a galaxy far away

One of the first Star Wars fan films I remember seeing back in the day.  “Troops” still holds up as far as fan films go.

Royal Canoe – Exodus of the Year – Video

Royal Canoe’s video for “Exodus of the Year” should, if nothing else, make you want to visit Winnipeg.  The song is from Today We Believe which is available now.

Friday flashback – You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll kiss 3 buck goodbye edition

The original Star Wars parody:  Hardware Wars.

Saturday fun time for 07/05/2014

Just a few videos to put a smile on your face on this Saturday morning.  Speaking of putting a smile on your face . . . Joker here with a bit of news.

I’ve been sitting on this video for awhile and this seems to be as good of a time as any to share it(read:  I forgot all about this).

And this parody happened a couple of months ago and I somehow missed it.

Flashback Friday – ‘Weird’ Al – I Lost on Jeopardy – Video

From In 3-D a classic of parody that issued in a whole new generation of funny music fans.