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Galkin – In October

A laid back, home movie feel dominates this video for “In October” from Galkin. The footage is of him and his wife on their visit to see her family in Egypt. The song is from the album Clear Customs.

Pink Floyd – Echoes – Live at Pompeii

43 years ago today I first graced the world with my presence. 3 years prior to that, 1971, Pink Floyd would release what would eventually become my favorite album in their repertoire: Meddle. Here they are performing their sprawling opus “Echoes” during their Live at Pompeii film.

Electric Eye – Invisible Prison – Single

Psyche rock, Norwegian band Electric Eye have released a new single, “Electric Eye,” and announced a new album, From the Poisonous Tree, due for release on December 8th.

Cricketbows – Summer Festival Sky – Video

The Cricketbows are preparing to release a new EP titled Communion this fall which includes this song “Summer Festival Sky.” This will be their first release since 2015’s debut Diamonds. In the intervening time the band has gone through several personnel changes, had members start new businesses, had members start new day jobs, and nearly every member has reported experiencing some weird phenomenon ranging from sleep paralysis to “possible contact with otherworldly lifeforms.” Regardless, they are back and stronger than ever.

Music Miscellany for 6/23/2017 Part I

Half way through the year and I feel like I’m letting this little slice of the ‘net down. I’m not going to make any outrageous promises ’cause I’ll only end up breaking them right now. Instead let’s listen to music. First up Anna Lunoe with the danceable electro-pop of “Godzilla.” Next is some R&B infused hip hop on “Roll the Dice” by Sidizen King. Luke Faas brings it back to electro pop on “Why Bother.” And just to mess with you a bit I’ve thrown in some folk infused psych rock from Will McKay on “Somebody Else.”