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Dru Bex – Winter in July – Video

New single and video from Dru Bex titled “Winter in July.” The premise is simple: be yourself. Don’t conform to the rules of the world around you.

Music Miscellany for 9/13/2017 Part I

Today’s edition of the Miscellany is a lot of hip hop punctuated with some alternative rock. First up is Raging Moses with “Feelin’ Like a G.” Next we have Kevi with “The Plug.” Then we take a slight, err major shift in genre to rock with The Pulltops with “When I Was Young.” Wrapping up the set is Change with “Son Shine.”

Deraj – Hold You Down – Video

New single from Deraj, the lead from his Goodish project, is dedicated to his wife and his commitment to stick with her through the good and the bad of marriage. “Hold You Down” is available now.

Nomis – A Million and One – Audio

Nomis‘ new single is ‘A Million and One.’ One part jazz, two parts hip-hop beats, and some awesome lyrics.

J. Kwest – Still Alright – Video

An upbeat summer jam that finds optimism in the face of everyday struggles, J. Kwest with “Still Alright” from his album Lemonade.