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Gerry Skrillz – My Story – Video

From Die Daily artist Gerry Skrillz comes a story of a life going in the wrong direction and redemption through Christ. Here is the video for “My Story” from the In Good Time EP.

Derek Minor(ft. Hollyn) – Change the World – Video

From the album Reflection here is Derek Minor with a video for the new single “Change the World.”

AMP – Hail the King – Video

From the album FUTUREGEN here is AMP with the video for “Hail the King.”

Uruguay – Sabrina Segment – Video

Pulling on life experiences from starting a band to moving to NYC from North Carolina and more, Uruguay has a new single and a new video for “Sabrina Segment.”

Music Miscellany for 1/11/2017 Part I

Day 3 of the catch-up round. Hopefully you’ve heard music you like at least once this week. If not, maybe today will be your day. First up is a remix of Dario Margeli’s “Things That Are OK About Me.” After that is the R&B mixed with hip hop sounds of Gabriel Garzon-Montano with “The Game.” Next is Oparu with some alternative pop on “Remember Me.” Wrapping up this first musical mismatch of the day is the straight forward rock of Sister Helen with “The Blending of Green and Blue.”