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Cobra Fantastic – My Heart Is Like a Giant Monster Robot

The funktastic band Cobra Fantastic is back with a trippy, funky, jazzy ode to love on “My Heart Is Like a Giant Monster Robot.”

Wolkoff – New York Grand – Video

This is the final video from the Talismans EP by Wolkoff. “New York Grand” has our heroine morphing characters through different time periods. The video was directed by the artist’s sister Zoe Wolkoff.

Desert Ships – Skyliner – Video

The title track from the Skyliner EP by Desert Ships.  “Skyliner” has a lo-fi, indie rock feel to it and the video is an appropriately trippy compliment to the song.

Xu Xu Fang – Friend to the Unknown – Video

Is it me or did psychedelic music become the next big resurgence in music styles?  Here is Xu Xu Fang with “Friend to the Unknown” from their upcoming full length album.

The Asteroid No. 4 – Back of Your Mind – Video

The super trippy, somewhat ominous, and definitely psychedelic video by The Asteroid No. 4 for the song “Back of Your Mind” from their self titled album out now.