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The Two Tens – Keeping Hope Alive – Video

Fun rock’n’roll courtesy of The Two Tens and their new single “Keeping Hope Alive.”

Joseph – White Flag – Lyric Video

Not a new song by any means, but one that has been stuck in my head recently. What better way to get rid of an earworm than to share it with the world.

The Velveteins – Don’t Yah Feel Better – Video

In timely fashion from the Music Miscellany earlier this week here are the Velveteins with the video for “Don’t Yah Feel Better.”

Ben Sollee – Cajun Navy

From Infowars a collaborative album between Ben Sollee and Jordon Ellis. While it isn’t a ‘new’ song as it has been released for 3 months, it is a catchy tune.

Music Miscellany for 1/11/2017 Part II

Now that we’ve caught up, time for new stuff. First up is the hip hop sounds of AMP with “Hail The King.” Then we have the grunge sound of The Black Clouds with “Self Control.” Local, or Louisville for the rest of the world, indie band Frederick the Younger are up next with “Tell Me.” Wrapping up this edition is Electric Floor with “Bluedive.”