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Be Like Pablo – My Kind of Girl

Indie pop in the vein of Weezer with a little Relient K mixed in, or maybe that’s just what my ears hear, here is Be Like Pablo with “My Kind of Girl.”

Weezer – Feels Like Summer – Video

Weezer. One of those bands that almost always generates a visceral response when mentioned. There isn’t much of a spectrum, either you loved their first few albums and feel like they’ve sold out since or you still find their new stuff intriguing. I’m not sure which camp I fall in, but this surprise new single is catchy.

Dead Stars – Calm Punk – Video

Dead Stars play a brand of indie rock that would not have been out of place in the 90’s. Think Teenage Fanclub or Weezer. The are releasing their new album, Bright Colors, on March 4th. Here the are with the first video single from the album “Calm Punk.”

Friday Flashback – This bottle of Stevens edition

I wouldn’t normally post two videos from the same band this close in proximity to each other but:

1. This is an awesome song.

2. It is the 20th anniversary of the Weezer(blue) album.

3. I’m on vacation this week and I need a quick fill in(say it ain’t so).

Mostly 1 and 2 though.

Friday Flashback – Bang, bang knock on the door edition

I would call this the upper end of the flashback spectrum for me, but I’m getting old so that line is ever moving.  Plus the album turns 20 this year so. . . This takes me back to my first semester doing radio at UofL when this song was in rotation.  Weezer with “Buddy Holly.”