No Podcast 05/26/2012 / Big Announcement

With apologies I must inform you that there will not be a new podcast this week.  I will be out of town and had every intention of recording a new episode ahead of time, but things quickly got busy and I have not had the time to do the preparation or recording.  We will be back on the first weekend in June with all new music.

In the meantime, though I have not officially announced it until now, the observant among you may have noticed that there is a link to a webcast in the right hand menu.  I have been playing around with LoudCaster and setup a webcast there to create the proto-stages of the planned webcast.  There is a full playlist in rotation as we speak, including music that has been featured on the podcast here.  Check it out.  In the future I will be getting a computer setup so I can create longer and more varied programming.

Idiosyncratic Transmissions the Webcast

Also available through Tune In so you can listen to it on the go on your smartphone through the TuneIn app.

Idiosyncratic Transmissions the Webcast on

The stream is limited to 5 listeners at the moment.  Having done a stint in LPFM and tried to build an audience through online streaming as well, I know it can take a lot of time.  If you run into an issue accessing the stream, please email me at  If it becomes a consistent issue for a lot of listeners, I will upgrade the account.

Matt ‘the Matman’ Brier

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