Sargent – Waltz(Foolish Desire) – Animated Video

Have you ever come across one of those artists that capture your attention so fully? You find yourself devouring everything by the artist and then savoring those bits over and over again. Then someone else comes along and captures your imagination, distracting you. You never forget the first artist, but you don’t keep up with them. . .I say all of that because of Sargent. Sargent is a project of Gretchen Lieberum and Jake Blanton. I don’t know when I discovered Gretchen’s work, but she was one of those artists that I heard at just the right time. Then I didn’t keep up, but happily this video hit my inbox this week and I’m sharing it with you. “Waltz(Foolish Dance” is on the forthcoming self-titled Sargent album due on the 16th.

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