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Humble eBook Bundle

First it was independent games for charity.

Then independent music.

They’re back and this time its literary. . .(4 days left to pay what you want)

Jonathan Coulton – “Redshirt” the theme song to John Scalzi’s new book

The book is due out on June 5th.  One guess as to what it is about.

A new podcast episode will be out either later today or tomorrow afternoon.

Podcasting Church – Pre-ordering now

Podcasting Church Book Cover


Paul Clifford, owner of and host of Tech, No Babel, has a new book coming out soon called ‘Podcasting Church: 21st century webcasting for a timeless message’ and it is available for pre-order now.  The book is a good tutorial/treatise on using modern technology to spread the message of the Gospel further into the world.

I will be interviewing the author on a podcast when the book is released as well as putting up a review of the book here, but I have seen an early draft and I can say it is well worth pre-ordering plus the author has setup some pretty nice incentives to get in on the ‘ground floor.’