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Music Miscellany for 7/20/2017

The first track will transport you back to the 80’s if you actually remember the 80’s. It’s Island Apollo with “Feeling You.” The Last Dinosaur brings the indie folk on the beautifully sparse “All My Faith.” Third Culture King brings reverb and artful electronic mixing on “Flamingo.” LA Forme take us back to the 80’s, though less pop more new wave, on “Birds In An Aviary.”

Music Miscellany for 2/21/2017 Part II

For round two we kick things off with some electro-pop from Gigi Rowe with “24/7 Dreamers.” Henry Jamison covers Gordon Lightfoot’s “If You Could Read My Mind.” The Bordellos bring the hard rock with “Fanzine Smile.” Wrapping it all up is Citris covering Courtney Barnett’s “Pedestrian At Best.”

Uruguay – Sabrina Segment – Video

Pulling on life experiences from starting a band to moving to NYC from North Carolina and more, Uruguay has a new single and a new video for “Sabrina Segment.”

People the Kangaroo – The Death of You – Video

Reverse choreography is always fun to watch especially when you consider everything that has to go into the planning stages for the final product to be done well. Here is LA based indie electronic band People the Kangaroo with their latest single “The Death of You” from the album¬†Wiki Generation due out in February.

Music Miscellany for 1/10/2017 Part II

First up we have the R&B influenced pop of Lewis Lane with “Runaway Love.” More R&B inspired music follows with LUCA with “Getting Over You.” We then shift into piano driven pop courtesy of Haux with “Caves.” Wrapping up today’s edition is Australian producer Wayfarer// with “North Elements” featuring Denitia.