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Avengers Infinity War Trailer

Can. Not. Wait.

Saturday fun time for 6/13/2015

Nothing revolutionary, but sometimes you just have to have fun. First up Bad Lip Reading with Redneck Avengers.

Next up a classic clip from the Drew Carey Show and the song ‘Five’O Clock World.’

And since there is a dearth of Saturday morning cartoons these days, here is a little preview of the new Guardians of the Galaxy animated series.

Saturday fun time for 11/29/14

The Decemberists, Nick Offerman, early 80’s German cable-access. . .what more could you want?

New Star Wars teaser is up, like you haven’t seen it already, but enjoy it again.

And Guardians of the Galaxy got a How It Should Have Ended.

Saturday fun time for 08/02/2014

Another week, another group of videos that make me happy.

First up is a remix of default ringtones.  I originally ran into this one at churchmag.

Next up is a Lego tribute to the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary.

And on the same trend, here is a Guardians of the Galaxy trailer redone in Lego.

Saturday fun time for 06/28/2014

An appetizer sized sampling of what has been making the rounds lately.  First up, a Star Wars trailer recut in a Guardians of the Galaxy style.

Next it’s the game trailer for the new Lego Batman 3.  I have not played any of the Lego Batman series, but I have played other Lego games and if you haven’t you are missing out.

You’re doing Twitter wrong.  Don’t worry, I am too.