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R Ring – 100 Dollar Heat – Video

Animated video for “100 Dollar Heat” by R Ring from their release Ignite The Rest. R Ring is the combined talents of Kelley Deal(The Breeders) and Mike Montgomery(Ampline). Ignite The Rest was released this past Friday(4/28).

Music Miscellany for 04/20/2017 Part II

The Birthday Letters kick off this edition with a indie folk rock sound on “The Real Thing.” Up next is Gardener’s Bell with “Overlake” that mixes indie folk vocals with indie rock instrumentals. Naomi Wachira brings folk with African fused instruments and rhythms on her new single “Beautifully Human.” Wrapping up this edition is the Post Punk Rock of ultraviolence on “Shadows of the Thief.”

Music Miscellany for 4/20/2017 Part I

Little Person brings the laid back indie pop on their single “Solemn Is the Only Word” from their I Feel Fine EP. Monograms pumps things up with the psychedelic fueled rock on “OK Promises.” Wooing’s “In Colour” meets at the intersection of dream pop and grungy, garage rock. Wrapping up this edition is the rock sound of Blonder with “In and Out.”

Music Miscellany for 04/13/2017 Part I

I’ve been stockpiling music for far too long. Kicking off this edition is Pekoe Cat with the psychedelic tinged “Superstore.” Up next is the alternative rock of Strange Her with “Middle Man.” Slowing things down a bit we have LAOISE with some down tempo electro-pop on “Halfway.” Wrapping up this edition of the Miscellany is Vandana with some electro tinged alternative pop on “Nearly.”

The Velveteins – Midnight Surf – Video

Gearing up for the release of their full length first album are Canadian band The Velveteins with the song “Midnight Surf.” The album is titled Slow Wave and is due out in May. The Velveteins are currently on tour across the US and Canada in support of the album.