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Music Miscellany for 11/21/2017

I unearthed this playlist from almost 3 months ago, so apologies if the music isn’t the freshest, but it’s still fun. First up is the country rocker “High Time” from Wes Youssi. Next up is some indie rock courtesy of The Hails on “Come Alive.” Following is some straight up rock from Lkffct on “Hatchling.” Wrapping up this edition is the electro-pop of Private Island on “Crime.”

Music Miscellany for 9/14/2017

Today in Music Miscellany we start things with the upbeat indie pop of My Little Hum with “Rise Over Run.” Sven-Erik Olsen’s indie rock is, in my opinion, channeling the Beach Boys on “Sketchbook Traces.” Floral Couches pump the synth-pop with vibes of the 80’s on “Ketamine Dreaming.” Wrapping up this edition is Jason Herring & the Mystery Plan with their electro-pop single “electric love.”

Music Miscellany for 9/13/2017 Part II

Kicking off this edition of the Miscellany is some indie pop via Dutch Party on “Blade Runner.” Following that is some slow groove pop from Shao Jean Sim on “Kites Sky High.” Mr. Yolk brings the psyche tinged funk on “Baker Street.” Sophia Marshall wraps it up with her Americana sound on “Bye Bye.”

Sophia Marshall – Losing You – Video

From the debut album Bye Bye here is Sophia Marshall with “Losing You.” Bye Bye will be released on October 6th.

Cricketbows – Summer Festival Sky – Video

The Cricketbows are preparing to release a new EP titled Communion this fall which includes this song “Summer Festival Sky.” This will be their first release since 2015’s debut Diamonds. In the intervening time the band has gone through several personnel changes, had members start new businesses, had members start new day jobs, and nearly every member has reported experiencing some weird phenomenon ranging from sleep paralysis to “possible contact with otherworldly lifeforms.” Regardless, they are back and stronger than ever.