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Music Miscellany for 3/3/2017 Part I

Kicking off this edition of the Miscellany we have the dreamlike indie-pop of darkDark with “Shelter.” Up next the folky Americana of Wild Skies with “Fumes & Faith.” Anne Hall brings the jazz with “Withstand the Rain.” Wrapping up this edition is some indie rock with Annie Hardy and “Want.”

FKJ – Skyline – Video

FKJ is getting ready to release a new album, French Kiwi Juice, in March. Already a hit in his home country of France he is starting to make inroads state side with his mix of jazz, funk, and electronica. Here is the video for the single “Skyline.”

Music Miscellany for 11/16/16

Kicking off this round of music is an electronic-R&B-jazz inspired song in “Sour Mango” from Gabriel Garzon-Montano. Next up is “Lights in the Sky” an Americana tinged rock single from A Valley Son. After that some R&B inspired pop from Dark Dark with “Moments.” Wrapping up this edition is the hip hop of Gerry Skrillz with “Use Me.”

Check back in this afternoon for more new music.

A Tree Grows – Wau Wau Water – Video

I’m a huge fan of classic jazz, but have a harder time getting into newer artists. These guys are excellent. A Tree Grows with “Wau Wau Water” the first single from their upcoming self-titled debut EP.

Vinegar Mother – Sunny Seat – Video

Vinegar Mother plays a brand of bluesy, funky, jazzy music on this the debut video from their upcoming EP The Sunny Seat due out on November 18th. Sit back and enjoy the groove.