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Nova Flares – Gut Splinter

Combining elements of Shoegaze, Surf Rock, and Neo-psychedelic Nova Flares is set to release his first single “Gut Splinter” on March 9th with a full length debut coming in mid-2018. It only helps matters that the project is locally based here in Kentucky. Here is the video for that single.

Field Trip to the Moon – You

“You” is the new single from Field Trip to the Moon, a rock/pop project from Angela Christofilou.

Barenaked Ladies – Lookin’ Up

Barenaked Ladies are set to release their latest album, Fake Nudes, on November 17th. Here is the first video from the album for the single “Lookin’ Up” an upbeat, poppier affair for the band that still maintains their sense of humor. Check it out.

Amanda Palmer – In Harm’s Way – Video

Inspired to action by the haunting photo of Syrian refugee Aylan Kurdi’s body washed up on the shore of Turkey, Amanda Palmer has worked on this project for the past year collaborating with an artist from Spain and numerous fans to create this song and video. All sales from the digital single sold through November 3oth will be donated to Dutch NGO Because We Carry. Find more about the project here.

Kendall Williams – How I Got The Sauce – Video

Upbeat and encouraging here is Kendall Williams with his new single “How I Got The Sauce.”