Idiosyncratic Transmissions – State of the Podcast

The irony is that I have managed to put out 4 or so podcasts in a row on a regular basis which is something I haven’t managed to do with any podcast I’ve worked on in the past.  I got home from being out of town to find that my computer would not boot and I haven’t had time or money to get a network of back up computers in place.  I’m going to do my best to continue to regularly produce a show and get it out to you, but I’ll be doing it in a some what hamstrung manner so please forgive me if the updates aren’t as regular.

The computer is being shipped back to HP for a mobo replacement.  My mistake for buying a computer instead of building one, live and learn.  Hopefully it will only be gone for 2-3 weeks, but I’m not confident in that time line.  In the meantime I will strive to continually update the site with new finds and maybe even some reviews and other musings to keep you entertained.


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