Idiosyncratic Transmissions Podcast – Episode 130

Music provided by Mevio, CyberPR, and the FuMP.  Theme song provided by Dan at

Idiosyncratic Transmissions is a proud member of the Association of Music Podcasting.

Joe Tripp and the Hops – Heart Cries Out
Holly Benton – For What
I. C. Howes – Shut It Off
Lara James – Love Worth Fighting For
The 3 of Hearts – Love Told You To
Lauren Mayer – 9 Words

One Reply to “Idiosyncratic Transmissions Podcast – Episode 130”

  1. Hey whats up! This is I.C. Howes and I was trying to get a hold of you to let you know how much I appreciated for playing my music! I've got a link to your show on my webpage! Thanks again and keep up the great work!

    I.C. Howes
    Acoustic Rock
    Twitter: #ichowes
    Facebook: Ian Christopher Howes

    "Playing all my life would be a misconception but playing to live would be my life's true story."

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