Idiosyncratic Transmissions Podcast – Episode 45

Music from Ariel Publicity and Mevio.  Theme song from  Proud member of the Association of Music Podcasting.

Indie rock, jazz, singer-songwriter, to Americana this episode has it all.

Onward Chariots – Forever Never Ends
The Silver Snails – Beatrice Russo
Rave Boar – Bad Dreams
Anna Dagmar – We Were Children
Emily & the Complexes – Two States Away
Jesse Terry – Let the Blue Skies Go To Your Head
Kathy Muir – Sweet and Easy

5 Replies to “Idiosyncratic Transmissions Podcast – Episode 45”

  1. Hi there, great hearing my track on your show and hearing the calibre of the other musicians! I already liked Jesse Terry and Anna Dagmar but it was great hearing the other bands. Top stuff!

  2. Thanks for featuring my song "We Were Children" and also my video, "Satellite." It's been a whirlwind of a year. Really appreciate your support and interest. All the best with the podcast!

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